Third Dates, Languorous Lunches and Power Dining at the Pierre

Some Old-School Midtown Hotel Restaurantery

C3d4847f26c66488436c4eabd4e78f3815 PhotosPerrine
Perrine is now open. It’s a classically three-meals-and-a-nightcap-a-day Midtown hotel restaurant at the Pierre.

Just to whet your appetite for knowledge, we’ll tell you there’ll be a statuesque burger, an imposing steak frites, some elegant classic cocktails and specials of Pierre days of yore, such as a Friday coq au vin that was on the hotel’s original 1930s menu.

And now to sate that appetite fully, we have some photos of it all, accompanied by informational words.


at The Pierre, a Taj Hotel
2 E 61st St
(between Madison and 5th)
New York, NY 10065


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