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Thought You Might Enjoy This Place, Is All

It’s Fun, It’s in SoMa, and It Has 16 Wines on Tap

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Step 1: Do things this week.

Step 2: Do things next week, but go to this new wine bar when you’re done doing them.

Those were helpful steps. This is Wine Down. It’s where you happy hour from this day forward, it opens this Saturday in SoMa, and it looks like this.

The owners met when working at a nonprofit downtown and found themselves wanting a lively spot to drink wine after work. A few years, a lot of planning and a couple sommelier certificates later, here we are. At a wine bar that’s more like a bar bar.

Which is immediately apparent upon entering the bright, clean, sort-of-impossibly-minimal space. You and your coworkers will be greeted with a large brass sign reading, “Drink Up!” The flashes of gold and the unicorn head mounted on the wall are solid indicators that good times are on the way.

They’ll start when you order from one of the 16 wines on tap (all from small California producers) or one of six Bay Area beers. Maybe you’ll get a carafe or pitcher to share. Probably a cheese plate.

That’s when you’ll start chatting with another group. You’ll discuss exciting things like Wine Down’s forthcoming wine club and outdoor seating.

Or just say “cheers” and move on with your lives.


Wine Down
685 Folsom St
(near 3rd)
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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