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Maybe the Sweetgreen of Hong Kong Food

Lots of Asian Goodness in Brooklyn

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Welcome to Tuesday.

... We got nothing.

Oh, actually, we have Hey Hey Canteen, a casual corner spot for some of the fresher Hong Kong food you’re going to read about today. It’s opening tomorrow in Gowanus.

To begin, Hong Kong, as you may know, is quite the international city. People from all over the place. So when we say “Hong Kong food,” we mean a lot of different kinds of Asian (menu here).

For example, you’ve got yourself a solid Cantonese pork lo mein with Berkshire pork (your neighborhood spot is... not using Berkshire pork), bok choy, crispy garlic, carrots and either ramen noodles or zucchini noodles. And you’ve got seafood laksa with seafood curry broth, salmon mousse cake, crispy tofu, fresh head-on shrimp and rice noodles, a more Southeast Asian–type dish. Plus there’s a fried-chicken sandwich, so, like we said, all over the place (you can see the food and the spot here).

And before you ask, why, yes, there are cocktails. Since it’s getting toastier out there, attempt the Galangal Refresher; it’s vodka infused with galangal (a ginger-like Thai root), hibiscus, pineapple shrub and chia seeds.

Our suggested order of operations is: come here for a late lunch or an early dinner. Have one or more of those things. Especially the cocktail. Maybe get yourself some Ample Hills ice cream nearby, and then cap off the night with whatever’s happening at Bell House.

We weren’t going to leave you without a plan.

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