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You Stay Here During Long Tahoe Weekends Now

There’s a New Basecamp Hotel in Tahoe City, and You’re Going to Like It There

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Upcoming long weekends:

Fourth of July.

Labor Day.

This coming one because Basecamp Tahoe City just opened and you decided you’d rather go there than not. Bonus: it looks like this.

You’ll recall the other Basecamp in South Lake. Well, this is the North Lake version. It’s got that same familiar “mid-century meets Wes Anderson” vibe, but it’s way more intimate. Way more wilderness-y. If you’re thinking date-forward road trip, good thinking.

The property nestles up against Burton Creek State Park and has a semisecret path that runs straight to the Rim Trail. You’re also a three-minute walk from the lake, where the paddleboards you reserved will be waiting for you.

But first, drop your bags off in one of the 24 rooms. Survey the land and determine that the land looks a lot like a cozy mountain cabin with high sloped ceilings, a rope-art piece depicting the lake and a communal table for backyard-barbecue-style dinners.

Swing by the lobby/coffee shop/bar on your way out and grab a beer from a local Tahoe brewery. Take it out to the fire-pit-equipped deck before a moonlight stroll on the beach. Wait patiently until the hot tub opens later this summer.

Waiting impatiently should also suffice.


Basecamp Tahoe City
955 N Lake Blvd
Tahoe City, CA, 96145


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