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20 Dapper Things for a Benjamin or Less

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By actual nature, fall and winter are times for layering and chunky sweaters and leather jackets and generally laying out quite a few ducats on what you wear. Summer’s a little different. Summer requires less material. A lighter touch. Shoes that are probably best found in markets along the Spanish coast. And hey, by all means, if you want that Givenchy camp shirt, go nuts. But you can look damned good with a less... ridiculous approach right now. Here’s how...

You need a polo for summer. You don’t need one that’s stiff and staid. This here is proof.
Silverton Polo, $95, available at Haspel

Cropped at perfect loafer-wearing height, and not the standard bengal-stripe jacket.
Seersucker Cropped Pants, $70, available at Topman

When searching for a summer canvas sneaker that not everyone has, you’d do well to look to the Aussies.
International Canvas, $40, available at Volley

The normal go-to summer watch strap: the NATO. This summer: the cork.
Winston Cork Series, $100, available at Komono

The camp shirt is the shirt of summer ’16. Accessorize with frozen beverage.
Hawaiian Print Camp Shirt, $44, available at River Island

The most versatile pant around.
Ultra Stretch Chino, $40, available at Uniqlo

Think of this as an oceanside landing pad for that camp shirt and you.
Nolita Beach Towels, $50, available at Tictail

Some things, you’re glad to get a little sand in.
Dali Espadrilles, $42, available at Soludos

And for carrying it all...
Beach Tote, $74, available at Apolis

The button-up equivalent of the greatest summer day you’ve ever had.
Slim-Fit Linen Shirt, $50, available at Mango

Now is not the time for leather.
Teller Contrast Woven Belt, $95, available at Reiss

And for those moonlit walks everyone’s always raving about...
Round-Neck Jacquard Jumper, $99, available at Cos

Casual dressing rule: washed > crisp and new.
Herb Stacked Washed T-Shirt, $40, available at Saturdays Surf NYC

Since you’re going a little funkier on the shirts this year, keep the trunks a little more muted.
Beacon Trunk, $98, available at Faherty

Not an aviator, not a wayfarer, still classic-looking.
Oxley, $95, available at Warby Parker

Sometimes you’re called upon to look like a French sailor, circa 1860.
Loctudy Breton Shirt, $62, available at Armor Lux

You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t nail the “walking to the bodega on a Sunday morning” look.
Weekender Sweats, $100, available at Outdoor Voices

Shoulder pads have no place on you right now.
Deconstructed Linen Blazer, $100, available at Frank & Oak

The quirky workhorse of your work wardrobe for the next few months.
Summer Weight Chambray Shirt, $85, available at Bonobos

Panama! Panama-ah!
Selected Homme Summer Trilby, $49, available at ASOS

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