Get the Door, It’s Truffles

Fine Black Truffles, Straight from Provence

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Should you happen to possess a specially trained mushroom-sniffing dog, a patch of land in the South of France and the skills and passion to go truffle hunting, this isn’t for you.

Carry on with your intriguing, fungi-fueled lifestyle.

Also know that we’re kind of jealous.

For the rest of us, there’s now Trufflin, and it’s how small batches of exceptional black truffles arrive at your doorstep (or wherever it is you get mail). It’s online now.

The process is pretty simple. Head over to their site and let them know how many ounces of their current batch you want delivered. Then they’re delivered.

Right now, we’re talking summer truffles, which, if you’re not a mushroom aficionado, are a bit milder than their winter counterparts. Some of these mushrooms are scouted out by the owners’ own family (including an Italian water dog named Edie), and others by a small group of trusted farmers in Provence. Point is, they’re veritably French. And fresh. And ready to be shaved ever so delicately on your pastas and pizzas and the odd Saltine when the urge strikes.

And if you need any further reasons to get involved, they’ve already worked with Le Turtle, Bar Boulud, Masa, Le Bernardin, Dirty French and Blu on Park.

There. There are six.

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