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Go Here Before and After Your Next La Taqueria Trip

Rock, Roll, Pinball and Punch Bowls on Mission Street

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Imagine a bar that’s like a living room.

Not your living room.

More like Mick Jagger’s or Robert Plant’s, circa 1974, in Tangiers. With pinball machines.

That’s more or less the situation at Evil Eye, a bohemian den for drinking and eating that’s now open on Mission and looks a hell of a lot like this.

Those ’70s rock-and-roll vibes are everywhere, from the mismatched carpets to the loungy couches. Strong option for a drink en route to dinner at Al’s Place or after a particularly satisfying La Taqueria experience.

At least that’s how the husband-and-wife team behind this place pictured your night going. Although after looking at this menu featuring elevated bar food from a Bluestem Brasserie alum, you might want to consider making a night of it.

Maybe start with an El Gruño (mezcal, fernet, chili liqueur, strawberry, ginger beer), or a bowl of Punch #1 (gin, absinthe, lime, cucumber) if you’re with a group.

But let’s assume it’s just the two of you. You’ll play pool. You’ll play pinball. You’ll have a laugh over pork belly toast. A bourbon-peach milkshake is definitely a possibility. Ponder the wall art that was painted by the owner and features many an evil eye to ward off the bad vibes.

Mick wouldn’t stand for bad vibes.

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