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Here’s the New-and-Improved Waldorf Astoria Bar Book

The 1930s Cocktail Tome Gets an Update

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If you’re into drinks and/or words, then you’re likely familiar with The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book. It was first published in 1934 and has served as an important drinks manual ever since. And now, just a short 82 years later, it’s gotten an overhaul.

The new iteration is available now, should you require a Father’s Day gift, something for your coffee table or an actually quite helpful book for making drinks at home.

Back then, the author was Albert Stevens Crockett. This time around we’ve got Frank Caiafa, the current bar manager at the New York hotel’s famed Peacock Alley bar. In creating this version of the book, he valiantly concocted and sampled every single one of the more than 500 recipes contained therein. It took him three years, but we can think of no better way to spend three years.

The resulting body of work is not small. We’re left with 416 pages of home bar essentials, classic cocktails, newer drinks, hot drinks, punches, fine sketch work and plenty of commentary.

So you’ll be well-equipped to mix up a Bijou or a Whiskey Milk Punch or any number of fizzes, and then provide a few interesting remarks on the matter, like “Did you know that a Royal Fizz incorporates a whole egg whereas a Silver Fizz just uses the egg white and a Golden Fizz only the yolk? Me neither, but now I’m really craving an omelet.”

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