Beauty & Essex

A Restaurant. A Lounge. A Pawn Shop.

New York’s Beauty & Essex Has Come to Vegas. And How.

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Looks like a pretty unassuming pawn shop. Cool guitars, though.

Wait, what’s this?

A gold-and-white hallway canopied under a litany of ornate light fixtures?

A chandelier comprised of thousands of white pearls?


Don’t mind us. We were just trying out our impression of you upon arriving at Beauty & Essex—the 10,000-square-foot, pretty-damn-opulent Vegas location of NYC’s premier pawn shop/restaurant/lounge, open now at the Cosmopolitan.

As implied above, you’ll have to walk through the pawn shop to get to the Pearl Lounge, so named because of the... well, we’ll let the slideshow explain.

Maybe you’ll hold court there before dinner with a barrel-aged Oaxacan Old Fashioned. Or maybe you’ll head straight to one of the three dining rooms (think Victorian excess meets Vegas flair), and slide into a booth. There are no wrong ways to do this thing.

Dinner here is similar to the New York outpost’s, except, in addition to your roasted bone marrow and oven-braised chicken meatballs, you’ll enjoy things like short rib mac and cheese and spicy yellowtail sashimi.

Not to mention a post-dinner stroll down a corridor lined with framed vintage lockets that leads to the DJ-forward Mirror Bar.

Yes, that sentence just happened.

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