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The Holy Bible of Smoked Meats

It’s Called “The Seven Steps to Smoked Food Nirvana.” Seems Accurate.

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This is primarily about smoked meat.

But hold on, vegetarians, don’t leave us yet.

Because you can smoke vegetables and desserts and cocktails, too.

But this is primarily about smoked meat.

And this veritable encyclopedia will show you how.

It’s called Project Smoke and it’s basically a step-by-step guide for learning how to smoke at home any and all of the foods you like to eat. Because if you can eat it, you can smoke it. Those are words to live by, and this is a pleasurable slideshow of items contained within.

The book was written by one Steven Raichlen. He’s the host of a few cooking shows, the author of more than a few cookbooks and, hell, the guy was inducted into the Barbecue Hall of Fame. So, a) he really knows his stuff, and b) we’re just as delighted as you are to find out that’s a thing.

The book runs through the different types of smokers (charcoal, gas); types of fuel (logs, pellets); types of wood (hickory, pimento); and flavors (marinades, rubs). And then you get a bunch of recipes for smoking things like barbecued mutton, strip steak, a bacon-bourbon apple crisp, ice cream and even a mezcal cocktail. Frankly, the whole thing is kind of bonkers.

So we’d recommend you make reading this a priority so you can get right to work smoking your breakfasts, lunches and braised-lamb-shank dinners. And saying things like “How quaint” when you get invited to a neighbor’s barbecue. And then showing up with a plate of perfectly smoked lamb shanks.

Neighbors like that sort of thing.

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