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Filipino Tacos and You

A Story of Bi-Curious Tacos in the West Village

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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You know how the past few years have seen an uptick in the amount of things that come in the burrito medium?

Pretty great, right?

So you ought to enjoy 2nd City, a small West Village spot specializing in Filipino things in taco, burrito, sandwich and bowl form. It’s open now and it has nothing to do with Chicago or improvisational comedy.

This is going to be a place that masters the art of the pop-in. Maybe you’ll pull up some bench at the window and enjoy your Bi-Curious Tacos (that’s one butter-poached barracuda taco and one slow-braised short rib) with a side of people-watching along the Hudson.

Or maybe you’ll just drop by and go to a park for some classic katsu-and-calamansi-battered-chicken-sandwich-eating (menu here) on the waterfront.

If you go the sit-down route, there’s a margarita, and a calamansi lemonade best described as “classy Hi-C Ecto Cooler.”


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