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Both You and Your Drinks Deserve This Ice

A Bunch of Infused Ice Cubes to Doctor Your Cocktails

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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Remember back when ice cubes were just made from regular water and all they did was cool down drinks?

Yeah, yesterday was a wild time.

But today we’ve got Herb & Lou’s, a not-quite-yesterday-but-still-new outfit that’s peddling infused ice cubes with the noble goal of chilling your drinks, sure, but also enhancing your cocktails with some extra flavor. They’re available online now.

See, these things start out as liquids. Packaged, cube-shaped mixtures of cucumber, watermelon, honey and thyme. Or blood orange and ginger. Or peach with herbs and bitters. So they’re ready to be stuffed into the mail, your travel bag or your desk drawer. But it’s on you to pop them into the freezer.

Then, once they’re cold, you’ll want to drop those cubes into your drink of choice. Try that cucumber-watermelon one in a glass of tequila. The blood-orange-and-ginger number would certainly cheer up some whiskey. And it’s hard to see how peach ice and vodka wouldn’t enjoy their time together. From there, you can experiment with other ingredients—liqueurs, seltzer, pretty much anything else you’ve got—to further dress things up.

Or you could just skip all of that entirely and drink this stuff straight from the package.

Although that’d be a weird way to go about it.

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