Circa and Upstairs at the Gwen

Spring Breezes and Personal Bar Carts Are Involved

An Art Deco Restaurant and a Terrace Bar at the Gwen

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There’s a time and place for prosecco popsicles and personal bar carts.

That time is now.

And that place is... in this slideshow.

More specifically, at Circa and Upstairs at the Gwen.

The former’s an art-deco-style restaurant and lounge, the latter’s a convivial outdoor terrace, and they’re both open now off the lobby of the Gwen in the old McGraw-Hill building.

“Yay” would be an appropriate response here. As would a general desire to press on...

Upstairs at the Gwen
What to drink: Those prosecco popsicles. When they inevitably melt.
What to eat: Crispy chorizo fritters and other such delights.
When to go: Post-work. That table with the fire rocks has your name on it.

Circa (the Restaurant)
What to drink: Their Koval-bourbon-and-honey drink, called the Urban Buzz.
What to eat: The truffle-and-short-rib-ragout Lux Burger.
When to go: Whenever. It’s open all day.

Circa (the Lounge)
What to drink: Request the Prohibition Porter, their leather-bound bar cart. It’ll arrive with a bartender, who’ll mix your ’30s-inspired cocktails tableside.
What to eat: Any small plate on the restaurant’s menu. Preferably in front of the bar with the rusted mirrors.
When to go: Late-night.

Or, you know, whenever-night.

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