You’re About to Become an Arctic Explorer

And Some Walruses Eagerly Await Your Arrival

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None 16 Photos Expedition to the Russian High Arctic
1) Find the nearest globe.
2) Spin it.
3) Put your finger down.
4) See where it landed. Then...
5) Move it to that bunch of tiny specks above Russia.

Thus concludes our long-winded way of sending you to Expedition to the Russian High Arctic, a two-week cruise to a place called Franz Josef Land, an archipelago of 191 uninhabited, volcanic and mostly glaciated islands, booking now for July departures.

Don’t let the fact that most operators won’t go here because of ice worry you. The 114-passenger Sea Spirit has an ice-strengthened hull, a fleet of inflatable boats for off-ship excursions and a set of retractable fin stabilizers (all of which loosely translates to “You’re not getting stuck”). Also, it’s the only non-Russian vessel taking you straight from Svalbard to Franz Josef Land without having to stop in Russia for authorization first. See the slideshow.

After a couple days at sea, you’ll begin stopping at different islands. To do things like observe walrus grounds. Walk in the footsteps of explorers with names like Fridtjof Nansen and Julius von Payer. Visit an abandoned polar station that functioned on Hooker Island from 1929 to 1959.

Just remember to keep your camera handy, since an expert photographer will be around to help with your photo-taking skills. You know, should anything happen that needs to be memorialized.

Like you being in the Russian High Arctic.


Expedition to the Russian High Arctic
via Poseidon Expeditions


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