SPiN. We Finally Got One.

Susan Sarandon’s Rollicking Ping-Pongery Arrives in SoMa

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Picture a very large, very attractive room.

Picture two bars, glowing gold.

Now, a line of blue ping-pong tables.

Somewhere in the distance, a beatboxer sounds off.

Looks a lot like SPiN, right?


Because we finally got a SPiN, the Susan Sarandon–backed ping-pong club that you’ve probably heard a lot about. It’s soft-open as of today in SoMa, and you can take a look around here.

You’re excited. We feel that excitement. And we’d suggest you channel it by rounding up a group or a date or whoever and making your car go to 690 Folsom Street.

Exit that car and enter a space with floor-to-ceiling windows and murals from local artists featuring Marlon Brando and Elvis dressed like one of the Sex Pistols and David Bowie looking very David Bowie–like. Survey the land. Oh, look, one of those bars. Go to her.

Partake of her Pimm’s-and-gin bottled cocktail. Order some chicharrones. Then, when the time is right, set up around one of the 19 ping-pong tables (including ones in private rooms and on the patio).

Also of grave import: there will be ping-pong tournaments, DJs and a grand-opening party on May 19 that involves a beatboxer.

We promised you a beatboxer.


690 Folsom St
(at 3rd)
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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