Inside the W, Inside of Blue Fin: Izi

Some Inception-Type Izakaya

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Let’s talk about the lack of enormous fortune cookies covered in marshmallows and peanut butter cups and filled with mousse in front of you right now.

We’ll be honest, it’s disconcerting.

So get thee to Izi, an izakaya sort of within Blue Fin within the W Times Square that has some other Asian elements and some giant fortune cookies, too. It’s open now.

Let’s say you’re around Times Square. May we be so bold as to assume you’re about to see or have just seen Hamilton? Okay, we’ll do that. You’ll need food and drink. Un-Times-Square-like food and drink. And so you go here.

You take a seat at one of those half-moon banquettes (whole place and food seen here) so you can do that relaxing arm-stretching-over-the-back thing. Then you ponder, “Well, should I start with the sake flight or a glass of Chichibu Japanese whiskey, which I know that I should add just a touch of hot water to, to bring out the spice, because UrbanDaddy told me so?” Your decision.

Your next round of decisions involves choosing some or all of the hamachi poke with crispy rice cubes, a bunch of dressed sushi, a chili lobster roll that also invites salmon to the party and a large helping of sweet-and-spicy chicken wings (how about a menu). Then that huge fortune cookie.

There’s no shame in Instagramming.

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