La Bella Napoli Pizzeria

Meet the Biancos. They Make You Pizza.

Two Italians. One World Pizza Champion. Twenty-Two Pizzas.

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The Biancos are an Italian husband-and-wife duo classically trained in the art of pizza making.

Dominic Tedesco is a World Pizza Champion.

You’re someone who really likes eating pizza.

There. Now that we’ve outlined all the main characters, the stage is set for La Bella Napoli Pizzeria, a comely new Neapolitan-style pie joint with over 20 wood-fired varieties, much Italian wine and a big fat patio. It’s soft-open now at Town Square, and your slideshow contains cheese.

It’s the kind of place you’ll visit on a lazy afternoon after a long night spent doing whatever Vegas-y things you do. You’ll either head through the brick archways and into the dining room, or make straight for the outdoor patio. Regardless... lunch.

Now, don’t let the menu throw you. Sure, these are serious, classically trained, Italian pizza makers. And sure, they did collaborate with that pizza champ guy. But their pizzas are just like other pizzas.

Except better.

And sexier.

And baked to doughy perfection under the strictest standards laid down by master Neapolitan pizzaiolos.

And blanketed in toppings like porcini mushrooms, buffalo mozzarella balls, capers, escarole and parma ham.

And... we lied when we said they were just like other pizzas.

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