Baby Jane

This Is Baby Jane. She’s Pretty Special.

Punch and Pastrami Tacos from Some Ariete and Sidebar Guys

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Warhol muses turned bars.

Let’s discuss...

Starting with Baby Jane, a quirky new eating-and-drinking establishment from some Ariete and Sidebar guys inspired by Warhol ingenue Baby Jane Holzer. It’s open now in Brickell, and here’s the slideshow.

First, take whatever notions you have of Brickell hangouts and leave them stacked neatly by the door. Good. That’ll make it a lot easier to take in the elk horns on the wall, the church pew seats and the cozy fireplace. The fireplace is mostly there for show, though. Oh, there you are, Brickell.

Starting at the bar is probably the right call. You’ll want to scan the “Punch Board” and see if anything strikes your fancy. Maybe a Jane and Juice with gin, passion fruit, jalapeño and honey. But be advised that a bottle of beer will play just as well here. Blame the elk horns.

Dinner with friends. Bar snacks after work. You can go either way, sure. But again, the guy from Ariete is involved, so the duck and foie gras croquetas probably won’t disappoint. Neither will the grilled pork belly with homemade pickles. Or the short rib pastrami tacos.

Not today, disappointment. Not today.


Baby Jane
500 Brickell Ave, Ste 105E
Miami, FL, 33131


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