Fish Bar

Fish Bar May Be the Yacht Rooftop of the Summer

Oysters and 26 Champagnes and Leisurely Floating Around

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Ah, Monday.

And yet another of a seemingly endless string of gray, drizzly days.

But also... May.

And now, an expansive yacht wherein you’ll soon sip champagne on a sun-drenched rooftop.

Things are looking up—way up—at Fish Bar: part-oyster-spot, part-bar, all-yacht situation that’s posted up on Pier 81 and ready for you to slurp, sip and generally have a good time on it. It’s soft-open now.

The same crew behind the North River Lobster Company is behind this, and both boats dock at precisely the same pier. Use that one for casual lobster-inspired outings. Use this one for more impressive oyster-fueled outings. Use either to be on a boat consuming seafood on sunnier days.

Now, picture yourself striding onto the vessel, thinking, “Yeah, I’m on a vessel,” being satisfied and bypassing the two admittedly attractive floors of nautical restaurant and bar to make for that aforementioned rooftop.

It’s where herbs will one day be gently plucked from the boat’s garden and dropped in your Summer in Greece (rum, strawberries, mint) or Hudson Bay (gin, rosemary, passion fruit). Or should you prefer something with bubbles, know there are 26 champagnes to be considered.

Now, picture yourself ordering something to start—say, the oysters with cornmeal crust and sriracha-lime butter or black truffle burrata. Something to continue like the lemon-shallot sea bass. Something to continue further like the huckleberry lamb chops. Boldly ignoring the fact that this may not be the place for huckleberry lamb chops. Feeling bold.

Now... enter this slideshow and behold.

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