The Burgary

An Indulgent Burger Spot from the Garfunkel’s Guys

Bacon-Bourbon Burgers and Truffle-Laden Shandies in an Old Bank

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We interrupt your spectacularly gorgeous Monday to bring you a vital burger-related update.

We don’t do this lightly.

All eyes on the Burgary: a low-key burger spot brought to you by the Garfunkel’s team (that handsome cocktail spot filled with purple velvet couches you got buzzed into once) that’s very much right in front of Garfunkel’s. It’s opening tonight.

Now, Garfunkel’s is a more covert cocktailing situation. This here isn’t. Stroll into this spot whenever that old familiar burger craving hits. Bring other people who like burgers. One of you may note that the tin ceilings, tiled floors and giant silver vault in the back are reminiscent of an old bank. This makes more sense once you know it was apparently where a whole lot of shady bank dealings went down back in the ’20s.

And now, please, claim a wooden table in the back and order a Popcorn Sazerac, with rye and popcorn bitters. Or if the possibility of ingesting truffle in cocktail form has you curious in a good way, go with the truffle-limoncello-pilsner Venetian Shandy.

Okay, time to face your bevy of burger options: there’s one made of Black Angus short rib, one topped with pastrami and gruyère and one that involves bacon-bourbon jam. It’s the kind of meal that would pair swimmingly with a toasted s’mores gelato milkshake.

Not that’s there’s loads of precedent for that.


The Burgary
67 Clinton St
(between Rivington and Stanton)
New York, NY, 10002


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