The Anchor Distilling Tasting Room

Anchor Distilling’s Tasting Room Is Coming. You Should Go.

Gin, Vodka, Rye and One Hell of a View

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Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.

Take a look, and you’ll see...

... so much whiskey. And gin. And a rooftop. And that’s not how it goes, but we got caught in a moment.

Entirely to blame: the Anchor Distilling Tasting Room, a decidedly Wonka-like scenario happening on the top level of Anchor’s Potrero Hill warehouse. It’s now taking reservations for tours starting Thursday, and it looks precisely like this.

See, back in January, a law went into effect that allowed California distilleries to offer more substantial tasting experiences. For Anchor, that meant turning their space into a glorious tasting room and rooftop garden complete with panoramic views of the city and a formidable bar setup.


Seems like the kind of place you should bring a group to. Take a tour of the garden where they get the botanicals for their spirits. Have a seat in front of a wooden box filled with six tastes ranging from gins to vodkas to rye whiskeys. Smell. Sip. Smile. Look at the view. Think about how it’s way better than a chocolate factory. Repeat.

Though repeating the chocolate factory thought should be considered optional.


The Anchor Distilling Tasting Room
1705 Mariposa St
(at Carolina)
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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