Momosan Ramen & Sake

A Casual Murray Hill Joint from Morimoto

Peking Duck Tacos. Sake on Tap. Ample Ramen.

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At last, Friday.

We’re feeling good about it, too.

But before we go our respective weekend-ways, we’ve got some important ramen-related intel to discuss.

So here’s Momosan Ramen & Sake, a relaxed ramen-and-sake spot from none other than the Morimoto. The doors fly open tonight in Murray Hill.

Some things to note:

It’s pretty small and pretty casual.
Whitewashed brick walls. Dark wood. Communal seating. Classic ramen spot. Bring a couple friends or a pretty casual, pretty small date.

To start, your non-ramen options are solid.
Fried-gyoza-and-Peking-duck-taco solid. He’s also got his own version of bibimbap that involves sizzling crispy rice in a stone bowl topped with pork and egg yolk and sweet chashu sauce.

To continue, there’s ramen. There’s so much ramen.
You’ve got four options. Spicy coconut curry with red miso ground pork is one. Tokyo chicken with seared garlic chive is another. (Their particularly educational menu will inform you further.)

You’ve got 13 sakes on tap.
And more not on tap.

Now let’s get into the slideshow for visions of wooden banquettes and soy-soaked tuna and some nice-looking soup...

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