As Much of China as Humanly Possible in 11 Days

Yes, There Will Be Pandas

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Lots of people say they’ve been to Shangri-La.

But let’s be honest.

Most of them are talking about their own personal Shangri-La, like a secluded vacation home. Or a houseboat with a really clichéd name. Or whatever.

Good thing you’ve never been lots of people.

Presenting In Search of Shangri-La: Trekking & Pandas, an 11-day trip that entails exploring largely unexplored areas in China (including a place so glorious, it’s named after a fictional utopia...), booking now.

Basically, you’re trying to fit as much China into 11 days as humanly possible. For instance, it starts with spending a few days feasting on spicy hot pots, feeding pandas in a primordial forest and seeing a 233-foot stone Buddha. And as this slideshow demonstrates, it only gets better from there.

Because then you fly to the town of Shangri-La. You’ll leisurely take a boat out on a lake. Go horseback riding on grasslands if you desire. Dance around fires. Hang with the local Zang people. You know, normal Shangri-La stuff.

And then you’ll wrap things up at the beautiful Lugu Lake, near where the local Mosuo tribe lives.

The Mosuo always did have good taste in lakes.


In Search of Shangri-La: Trekking & Pandas
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