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Climbing, Hiking and Rafting Your Way Through a Rainforest

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Would you rather…

A) Summit Madagascar’s second highest peak?

B) Hike through a dense jungle?

C) Raft down raging rapids?

D) Do A, B and C during the course of a 15-day challenge?

Good choice. Never doubted you for a second.

You just selected Epic Madagascar Peak to Sea Challenge, one of those “are we really doing this?” kinds of trips wherein you do all those things we just mentioned above, booking now.

Heads up: unless you’re capable of walking more than 15 miles a day while carrying a 30-pound camping bag, crewing your own two-man raft and swimming hundreds of yards… maybe reconsider. See what we mean here.

It all starts by meeting your group and summiting the granite Pic Boby on foot. After that, you’re heading into an almost impregnable forest where the only path is a winding trade route. It’s what the locals use to transport rum barrels to the highlands. Just stay focused and keep walking until you reach the river.

Which, as you can guess, is where you get on your raft. Except for the few times you have to get off and walk because the rapids are un-runnable.

Sounds like a dare.


Epic Madagascar Peak to Sea Challenge
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