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Public House: Then and Now

Falling in Love with Public House All Over Again

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Some bars just can’t leave well enough alone.

Some can’t leave significantly-better-than-well-enough alone, either.

Into that second category falls Public House, a place that looked at its success, shrugged and beautified everything about itself right under your nose. It’s fully reopen now in River North.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got... a Then and Now.

The West Bar
Then: You had a highly sophisticated gastropub for drinking a multitude of table-tap-dispensed beers and watching sports.
Now: They’ve added some color, as well as new oak floors, an additional full-service bar and a 30-foot video wall where you can watch 12 different games at once. Huh. If only there were some big basketball tournament coming up...

The East Bar
Then: You could be found socializing around the huge 360-degree bar.
Now: You could be found socializing around the huge 360-degree bar fortified with red bolstered leather, wood-framed TVs and smoky mirrors. Look at you, still socializing.

The Food
Then: You snacked on fried cheese curds, flatbreads and their signature P-House Burger.
Now: You’ve still got your favorites. But starting Monday, you’ll also have things like mortadella sliders and brioche grilled cheeses. Which... big win for Monday.

The Slideshow
Then: You didn’t have one.
Now: You have one.

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