Ondori Asian Kitchen

The Intersection of Japan and China Is at the Orleans

Fried Lobster Rolls, Sake and Peking Pork Chops

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Japan: But I want people to try our popcorn lobster rolls.

China: But I want people to enjoy our tender oxtail pot.

You: But I don’t know what I want.


All matters will be resolved at Ondori Asian Kitchen—the newest, handsomest, most diplomatic solution to the timeless “I want Chinese food, but I also want Japanese food” problem, now open at the Orleans.

If you thought the Orleans was already having a moment with the opening of Alder & Birch, you’re really going to think it’s having a moment now...

Especially after you witness this slideshow. Inside are rounded booths winding through a striking dining room, crimson lanterns and a communal table dividing the sushi bar from the bar bar. Which is only what we’re calling it.

If you’re with a bigger group, congregate at one of those booths for Peking pork chops and selections from the “Tomodomo” menu. It’s a bunch of pan-Asian small plates and a pretty fun word to say.

If you’re on a date, cozy up to the sushi bar for that popcorn lobster roll, sake and poke.

They don’t have spaghetti, though. Sorry about them not having spaghetti.

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