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Breakfast and Haircuts from the Sweet Chick Guy

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Ever have one of those mornings where you need to knock out the coffee, avocado toast and haircut parts of your schedule all at once?


Well, there was a time when people didn’t know they wanted to watch a full season of House of Cards in one sitting, too, but look how that turned out...

Here’s Ludlow Coffee Supply—café in the front, barbershop in the back, and now open on the LES.

Look, you’re free to treat this as an either/or situation with regards to the coffee/breakfast and the haircuts, but it’s frankly more entertaining to imagine that you’re doing both in one trip.

So let’s say you’re famished because you just spent two weeks holed up somewhere on the LES, Internet turned off, getting your one-act play to a place you can live with. You’re famished, you’re uncharacteristically unkempt, maybe you need a shave.

So you emerge into this glorious sunlight and saunter here (take a look). It smells fantastic. That’s the coffee, obviously, made from beans roasted just for these guys, in Red Hook (way underrated bean-roasting territory). You get one of those, and decide that, between BLT avocado toast and baked eggs with tomato sauce, you’ll choose option C: both. After all, you might have just changed American legitimate theater for all time, and that’s hungry work.

You sip. You eat. A record player plays something you like but don’t know, so you ask what it is, and they tell you. You ask if they’ve got time to squeeze you in for a haircut. Of course they do. After a quick ear-lowering, you decide to let them recline your chair and carefully remove all traces of facial hair. You emerge back out into the world, chin gleaming in that same sunlight.

... Though we concede that a quick brunch with friends might be the more likely scenario.


Ludlow Coffee Supply
176 Ludlow St
(between Stanton and E Houston)
New York, NY, 10002


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