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Australia Built You This Coffeemaker

A New Coffee Gizmo to Replace All Your Other Coffee Gizmos

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Say you’ve got an espresso machine, a pour-over, a drip coffeemaker and something for cold brew.

That’s a lot of stuff.

Great for drinking coffee.

Bad for counter space.

Ergo: this thing, which is Trinity One, a comprehensive coffee-making device that combines all of the above into a single contraption. It’s available for preorder now and begins shipping next month.

The device itself is an eye-pleasing combination of glass, stainless steel and walnut wood. The open chamber fits Chemex filters, if you’re into pour-overs, but it also fits a custom-made cylinder for pressure brewing. And if you want to cold brew, sure, you can do that right there in the same place. It’s quite the versatile appliance.

Should coffee-related accessories be on your wish list, you can buy insulated cups via the website. And if you won’t travel without a coffee-making contraption in your possession, well, they’ve got a nice leather bag that’s specifically designed to fit the Trinity One.

Though it can be repurposed to hold normal stuff, too.

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