Five Trips Inspired by Oscar-Nominated Movies

Star Wars. The Revenant. Mad Max. Your Next Vacation.

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If the Oscars had gone differently last Sunday, this would be a very different message.

One of loss. Devastation. Sorrow.

But instead: Leo won.

So now we’re telling you to go live like him, Revenant-style.

All hail Epic on Set, five intense expedition-style trips inspired by Oscar-nominated movies, booking now. (Now playing: this slideshow.)

You’ve got a handful of options here, so let’s try to make some sense of this...

Movie: Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Destination: Iceland.
Length: Three nights.
Highlight: Learning polar survival skills like digging out snow cave shelters, constructing fires and fashioning makeshift snowshoes. And presumably, how to defeat Kylo Ren.

Movie: Mad Max: Fury Road.
Destination: Namibia.
Length: Nine days.
Highlight: Being helicoptered to Namibia’s highest peak to camp in the open elements. The desert wasteland never looked so good.

Movie: The Martian.
Destination: Jordan.
Length: 14 days.
Highlight: Traveling by camel and foot through the lunar-like landscape. (Or should we say Mars-like landscape...)

The Revenant.
Destination: Canada.
Length: Seven nights.
Highlight: Mushing a dogsledding pack in the Yukon. Nothing you can’t handle.

Movie: The Revenant... again.
Destination: Argentina.
Length: Nine nights.
Highlight: Walking the entire length of Argentina’s biggest glacier, Viedma.

We can’t promise an Oscar will be waiting for you at the end, though.

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