Indian Accent

Big-Deal Indian. From India.

Instantly the Best Indian Food in New York

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Today, Friday, we just want you to enjoy life.

So here’s Indian Accent, exactly what would happen if you put excellent Indian food and Midtown in a blender. It’s open now.

Just some quick background here: the New Delhi version of this is largely considered one of the best restaurants, if not the best one, in India, and its chef is here now, so they’re starting from a good place.

Some words of advice here, then move you along to something more visual: aim for something in the area of the big gold wall. Go with something like the butter-chicken- or pastrami-stuffed kulcha (like naan) and the tamarind sea bass. Have a mango lassi, but with rum. And once you’ve proven the effectiveness of all this with a date, go ahead and try out a business dinner.

Now, look. There’s food...

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