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An App That’s All About Noodles

Three Million Recipes Should Be Enough

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
“Noodle soup.”

There, just saying it aloud is enough to make you feel better.

But eating it is still the best way to go.

To get started, here are a mere three million permutations so as not to overwhelm you.

They come from Noodler: The Noodle Soup Oracle, which is an aptly named app that’s flush with noodle soup tips, recipes and illustrations. It’s available now for iPhone and iPad.

We’re operating on the premise that there’s never a bad time for noodle soup. But that, maybe, you don’t have a few million recipes committed to memory. So browsing through an easy-to-use database just might prove useful.

The app’s broken down into a few sections including an ingredients library and Noodle Soup 101, which lists the 10 Principles of Excellent Noodle Soup. Things like: “Noodle soup is more fun to eat with a Chinese ceramic spoon.” It’s no crazy straw, but yeah.

And then there’s Consult the Oracle. That’s where you’ll find randomly generated recipes. Hit refresh to see something else, save your favorites or click the image to get the recipe. It’ll provide instructions for making the broth, preparing toppings and putting it all together. If you need more information, like finding out what the hell “menma” is, just click on the ingredients for more details.

Menma is a fermented bamboo shoot, by the way.

Didn’t want to leave you hanging.


Noodler: The Noodle Soup Oracle

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