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Everyone Thank Colorado for This Coffee Beer

Today’s Happy Hour: Hard Wired Nitro Coffee Porter

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Yes, nitrogen forms about 78% of Earth’s atmosphere.

And sure, it’s very important to our breathing and continuing to live and whatnot.

But let’s not discount this element’s contributions to beer.

Because they are mighty.

Case in point: Hard Wired Nitro Coffee Porter, a seasonal salvo from Colorado’s Left Hand Brewing Co. that’s being released this month in bottles and on draft.

The addition of nitrogen results in less of that CO2-caused carbonated bite, and instead means smaller bubbles and a silkier, creamier mouthfeel. It’s nice. So drink up for toffee sweetness and lots of roasted coffee flavors, plus burnt sugar, dark chocolate malts, dark berries and light smoke. This beer pairs nicely with lazy afternoons, chilly evenings and lengthy meetings at the office.

It’s okay because there’s coffee in it.

Your boss will understand.


Left Hand Hard Wired Nitro Coffee Porter

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