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An Important Advancement in Pour-Over Technology

Monday Morning Coffee: Iikone Brewer

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Do you need this unnecessarily attractive pour-over device?


Do you want this unnecessarily attractive pour-over device?


And that’s what counts.

So spruce up your countertop with the Iikone Brewer, a design-y, from-Poland apparatus for hand-pouring hot water over coffee grounds, thereby making really good coffee and looking equally good while doing it. After some ogling and months of waiting, you can now procure one online.

The brewer is made from medical-grade stainless steel and is machined, welded and polished by hand. And it’s also the first pour-over sporting a totally unobstructed filter. It just sits there in midair all open and free and confident, eagerly awaiting your steady pour. And that results in better water flow, fuller flavors, less bitterness and improved mornings.

Soon you’ll wrap your hands around your mug of hot, fresh coffee and hold it close while breathing in the rich aromas, smiling to yourself, staring out the window and thinking, “Wait, did I just spend $700 on a manual coffeemaker?”

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