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A Handsome New Way to Drink Whiskey

Nate Cotterman Made You This Rocks Glass

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
While a coffee mug or even two cupped hands can do the trick in a pinch, there’s a reason we drink liquor out of glasses.

So here’s a really nice glass.

It’s called the Cube Glass, and it’s a vessel with a built-in ice cube that’s not really an ice cube at all. It’s available online now, and sure, we’ll explain more below.

See, LA-based glass guy Nate Cotterman makes attractive handblown items. And in this case, he’s fusing a solid glass cube to the inside of a rocks glass. You put the thing into the freezer, everything stays cold and your drink is never diluted. It’s the old win-win situation that people speak so fondly of.

So, in one sense, it’s like those ubiquitous whiskey stones. But in another, much better sense, it’s not at all.

If a cube’s not your thing, you can also get the glass with a built-in sphere. And if cubes are definitely your thing, you’ll really like the collins glass, which sports two cubes stacked together.

It’s an exciting time for square prisms.


The Cube Glass by Nate Cotterman

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