A Lofty Supper Club in Chelsea

Guess You’re Coming to Dinner

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Meet the Dorseys, Jenny and Matt.

They’d just love to have you and (Date’s Name) sometime.

Really, it’s about time you two stopped by the house for a multicourse, cocktail-paired dinner.

They’ll just whip something up real quick. No trouble at all.

They’ll call the whole thing I Forgot It’s Wednesday, the best New York supper club you’ll read about today. It takes place in a charming Chelsea loft, and tickets are available now for Saturday’s first dinner.

For one brief, shining moment a couple years back, this already existed in NYC with a few pop-ups. Then, as quickly as it came, it up and moved to San Francisco, taking with it Jenny, who’d worked at Atera, making the whole move quite the tragedy for all of us.

But that’s all in the past.

Here’s how things work now: you buy a ticket or two, you’re told your location, you try on a few outfits in the mirror, you pick the right one, you pick up your date, you go to the loft, you exchange pleasantries with the hosts and other guests, you go through some fun facts, you exude grace and charm, and then, and only then, you dine.

The meals are seven courses and the menu will change every month. This month you can expect dry-aged Earl Grey and Sichuan peppercorn duck breast, miso cavatelli and a dessert course that’ll mark your auspicious entry into the field of porcini ice cream.

Cocktail pairings are optional, but really, are they? Matt considers himself an amateur mixologist. Among his tools are a coffee siphon and a Bunsen burner. One of those cocktails you’ll be paired with is the Sacred Touch, a glass containing mezcal, white sage brown butter, agave nectar, crème de cacao and lime, and served hot.

So amateur.

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