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Bernie Sanders Isn’t the Only Candidate Who Deserves an Ice Cream Flavor...

So Here Are the Presidential Ice Cream Puns You Never Asked For

Bernie Sanders ice cream.

No, that isn’t the setup for an “ice cream social-ism” joke.

It’s a real, edible and highly-limited-edition flavor created by Ben & Jerry’s cofounder Ben Cohen, and it’s called “Bernie’s Yearning.”

All politics aside, that’s a terrible name for... anything. (Colbert agrees.) And we think we can do better. Not just for Senator Sanders, but for every ice-cream-deserving hat in the 2016 ring.

Let the first ice cream caucus begin.

—Chocolate Chunk a Chunk of Bernie Love

—Hillary’s Private Soft-Serve-r

—Trump’s Make America Grape Again

—Dr. Ben Carson’s Conjoined at the Chip

—Martin O’Malley’s Coffee Toffee Who Really Gives a Shit

—Ted Cruz’s 100% Naturalized American Pie*
*Made with real Canadian maple syrup

—Jeb!’s Sugar-Free, Fat-Free, Low-Energy Vanilla

—Marco Rubio-Red Grapefruit

—Carly Fiorina, CEOreo

—Chris Christie’s Time for Some Traffic Problems on Rocky Road

—John Kasich Frozen Ohio-gurt

—Check Out Rand Paul’s Fro-Yo

—Jim GilS’mores

—Rick SantoRum Raisin

—Mike I’m Your Huckleberry Sorbet

We’ll be here all primary season, folks.

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