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Bernie Sanders Isn’t the Only Candidate Who Deserves an Ice Cream Flavor...

So Here Are the Presidential Ice Cream Puns You Never Asked For

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Bernie Sanders ice cream.

No, that isn’t the setup for an “ice cream social-ism” joke.

It’s a real, edible and highly-limited-edition flavor created by Ben & Jerry’s cofounder Ben Cohen, and it’s called “Bernie’s Yearning.”

All politics aside, that’s a terrible name for... anything. (Colbert agrees.) And we think we can do better. Not just for Senator Sanders, but for every ice-cream-deserving hat in the 2016 ring.

Let the first ice cream caucus begin.

—Chocolate Chunk a Chunk of Bernie Love

—Hillary’s Private Soft-Serve-r

—Trump’s Make America Grape Again

—Dr. Ben Carson’s Conjoined at the Chip

—Martin O’Malley’s Coffee Toffee Who Really Gives a Shit

—Ted Cruz’s 100% Naturalized American Pie*
*Made with real Canadian maple syrup

—Jeb!’s Sugar-Free, Fat-Free, Low-Energy Vanilla

—Marco Rubio-Red Grapefruit

—Carly Fiorina, CEOreo

—Chris Christie’s Time for Some Traffic Problems on Rocky Road

—John Kasich Frozen Ohio-gurt

—Check Out Rand Paul’s Fro-Yo

—Jim GilS’mores

—Rick SantoRum Raisin

—Mike I’m Your Huckleberry Sorbet

We’ll be here all primary season, folks.

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