Craft Social Club

Whole Lot of Good Things Happening in This Place

It’s a Cocktail Club. With Suites. And ’90s Hip-Hop.

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Before you think your third “It’s Monday and therefore I’m less happy than I would normally be” thought...

Know that Craft Social Club exists. It’s a new late-night establishment with cocktail suites, bourbon on tap and ’90s hip-hop. It’s also open now in South Beach and looks exactly like this.

It’s got gray brick walls. It’s got a bunch of comfortable places to sit. It’s got a big L-shaped bar made up of white subway tile. But most importantly, it’s got taps behind that bar loaded with drinks that’ve been carefully crafted in the neighboring open-air kitchen.

Like the Dillinger with bourbon and orange bitters. Or the O.D.B. with tequila, lime and Fresno chili agave. Or the absolutely-anything-else because they’re all worthy of your full attention and respect.

Show up late-night with the kind of group that has a loose interpretation of the word “night.” Opt for one of those navy banquettes and laugh at all the funny things you keep saying to each other. Or better yet, request a cocktail suite. Those come equipped with built-in service bars and bartenders who know how to use them for good.

Mostly because using them for bad is literally impossible.


Craft Social Club
100 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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