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Your Favorite Drinks Are Back. All of Them.

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That drink. It... reminds you of something.

Of that first date at Burritt Room that was definitely going to turn into a second.

Of that night when your friend came to town and you ended up at Jasper’s until the lights came up.

And yet, here you are, drinking that drink again.

At Turnkey at Cantina, a new iteration of your favorite TenderNob bar that opens tonight before a planned full-scale remodel in 2016. (Here’s the slideshow.)

Think back on that date. On that friend from out of town. You celebrated. At Burritt Room, at Jasper’s and at BDK. Why? Because the guy behind the bar always seemed to be making the best damn drinks in town.

His name’s Kevin Diedrich, and he’s the mad drinksmith behind this operation. And so you’ll walk into the mostly unchanged ghost of Cantina with a good idea of what you’re about to get yourself into.

Greatest hits like the Critical Mass with rye, Aperol and Bénédictine. And the Genki, which involves tequila and mezcal getting frothed with egg white and topped with matcha salt.

You’ll laugh. You’ll slap a back or two. You’ll generally just sit there and wonder what it’s like to be someone who’s not sitting there.

That got dark.

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