Things to do for December 16, 2015

The Weekender

Temp Fondue, Raoul’s Newness and Beer

In a different time, in a different weekend.

Melted Cheese for a While

Melted Cheese for a While

Williamsburg’s got a fondue pop-up through March. Gruyère, bread cubes, cherry brandy for dipping said bread cubes. Somewhere, a Swiss person is clapping.

Thu-Sun through March, The Fondue Chalet, 125 Berry St (between 6th and 7th), Brooklyn, 347-987-4302

Michael Bastian Is Feeling Generous

Michael Bastian Is Feeling Generous

Michael Bastian’s opening up his showroom for the weekend, and you’ll be free to wander around, acquiring whatever fall and winter things you feel like acquiring, for a lot less than they would usually be acquired for. What a guy.

Dec 18-20, 9am-8pm, Michael Bastian sample sale, 210 11th Ave, Ste 300 (at 25th), 212-228-3400

Burgers and Brunch at Raoul’s

Burgers and Brunch at Raoul’s

Things that classic SoHo spot Raoul’s has not done for the past 40 years: Serve brunch. Make more than 12 burgers au poivre per day.
Things they are going to begin doing this weekend: Both of those.

Seriously, get the burger.

Sat-Sun, 11am-2:30pm, Raoul’s, 180 Prince St (between Thompson and Sullivan), 212-966-3518, see the menu

Where You Sing and Eat Fried Chicken

Where You Sing and Eat Fried Chicken

Then: You went to Marcus Samuelsson’s fried-chicken spot in Harlem when you wanted fried chicken.
Now: You go there when you want to sing open-mic. And still when you want fried chicken.

What Else Is New
Maman, Now More Ambitious

Maman, Now More Ambitious

You: I sense a real lack of enjoyable French spots in this town.
Us: Well, Maman just opened a Tribeca spot where you can procure all the beef tartare burgers and quiche-brioches you desire.
You: Thanks.
Us: Also, you’re wrong, but this is a good one.

Now open, Maman Tribeca, 211 W Broadway (between Franklin and White), 917-932-6514

Many Fine Brews in Gowanus

Many Fine Brews in Gowanus

Gowanus has a new brewery/taproom, brought to you by a successful Kickstarter campaign. It’ll have brewery things like brown ales and 9.8% ABV Scottish wee heavies made with local beer ingredients. Also: great brewery name.

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