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This Movie Theater Is a Good Movie Theater

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Let’s talk about your next movie date.

The room: dark. The seats: plush, cozy. A table with truffle-butter popcorn, queso and gin on it: before you. Your date: inching closer.

Why, yes, we are, in fact, talking about the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. It’s a legendary, Austin-based movie theater/bar/restaurant that just took over the New Mission Theater and opens Thursday with that one movie about space. (Here’s the slideshow.)

The New Mission Theater has been fully restored. There will be a full calendar of cult movie screenings. There will be events with big directors. There will be other things.

Things like pizzas and burgers and actually good drinks that will be delivered to your seat during the new Matthew McConaug... the new Coen brothers movie.

And about that date scenario. You’ll start with a drink at the theater’s dedicated bar, Bear Vs Bull. Isaac Shumway of Tosca fame created the menu there, so that’s nice. You’ll discuss the name, which refers to a Gold Rush–era practice of pitting... bears versus bulls. Tricky.

Then, into the theater you go. A server will mention things like bourbon-laced ribs, and you’ll order those things. You’ll watch a movie. You’ll presumably live happily ever after.

We did a movie thing right there.


Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
2550 Mission St
(between 21st and 22nd)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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