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Two Floors of Fried Chicken and Dancing

A853ffc03dc66f8a4488e8d35bb8203d14 PhotosFremont
Hello, and welcome to Late Afternoon with UrbanDaddy. We’re your host, UrbanDaddy.


Thank you, thank you. Our first guest is Fremont, River North’s newest multilevel restaurant/dance hall. It’s sleek, it’s sexy, it’s vaguely old Vegas-y, and it opens December 16.

[More applause.]

UD: Glad you could make it. You up for this?

Fremont: This is a completely artificial exchange, so...

UD: Ha. Right. Now, what’s this we hear about you taking over the old American Junkie space?

Fremont: Funny story, actually. We cut out a huge cube in the ceiling to connect the two floors, added a new DJ booth and made it our own with some gold metallic flourishes.


Fremont: Here are some pictures.

UD: Ah, there we go. Nice. Why don’t you give us a typical Fremont scenario?

Fremont: Well, you’d start downstairs with a few friends and some shareable platters. Duck three ways. A ramen-crusted fried-chicken bucket. Wet-aged prime porterhouse...

UD: And then?

Fremont: And then you’d move upstairs, grab a barrel-strength Manhattan or our gin-and-Lillet-Blanc drink, lounge on a ribbed silver couch and hit the dance floor.

UD: Sounds fun. Hey, thanks for coming.

Fremont: You’re like Fallon, but worse.

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