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Two Floors of Fried Chicken and Dancing

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Hello, and welcome to Late Afternoon with UrbanDaddy. We’re your host, UrbanDaddy.


Thank you, thank you. Our first guest is Fremont, River North’s newest multilevel restaurant/dance hall. It’s sleek, it’s sexy, it’s vaguely old Vegas-y, and it opens December 16.

[More applause.]

UD: Glad you could make it. You up for this?

Fremont: This is a completely artificial exchange, so...

UD: Ha. Right. Now, what’s this we hear about you taking over the old American Junkie space?

Fremont: Funny story, actually. We cut out a huge cube in the ceiling to connect the two floors, added a new DJ booth and made it our own with some gold metallic flourishes.


Fremont: Here are some pictures.

UD: Ah, there we go. Nice. Why don’t you give us a typical Fremont scenario?

Fremont: Well, you’d start downstairs with a few friends and some shareable platters. Duck three ways. A ramen-crusted fried-chicken bucket. Wet-aged prime porterhouse...

UD: And then?

Fremont: And then you’d move upstairs, grab a barrel-strength Manhattan or our gin-and-Lillet-Blanc drink, lounge on a ribbed silver couch and hit the dance floor.

UD: Sounds fun. Hey, thanks for coming.

Fremont: You’re like Fallon, but worse.

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