Blu on Park

Blu Moon

Significant Steaking on the UES

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Steak, seafood, champagne,
Cocktail and caviar spot
This is one of those

         —UrbanDaddy Haiku, December 3, 2015

Put on your glad rags for Blu on Park, three full floors of classic steakhouse opulence in a brownstone on 60th.

Know these things about it, and you’ll be good to go:

—You’ve got up to a four-person porterhouse in terms of steak size, and four different sauces to choose from, including a Maker’s Mark. The ribeye is here.

There’s a fireplace.

—The cocktail list includes no vodka, just gin and brown liquors. For something nice and light, check out the Vermonter—applejack, bourbon, brandy, maple syrup and lemon juice with a scotch floater.

You can look at the
whole place here in the slideshow

Fine, no more haikus.

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