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A Holiday Liquor That’s Distilled from Beer

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
We’re conditioned to dislike postholiday Mondays. It’s part of our DNA as holiday-loving humans.

But sometimes these days can surprise us.

With white whiskey that, just a short time ago, was actually dark beer.

Get in the Christmas spirit with... Christmas Spirit. It’s a joint effort from Anchor Distilling and Anchor Brewing that’s turning the latter’s seasonal Christmas Ale into white whiskey. It just launched today and will be available through December 31.

That’s your cue to drop what you’re doing and procure a bottle. Or at least to gently set down what you’re doing and procure a bottle at your leisure sometime between now and then.

The malty 90-proof whiskey has flavors of winter spices, roasted grain and pine. Try mixing it into cocktails. Try using it as the base of a holiday punch. Or just try pouring it into a glass and drinking it.

The most important thing is to never stop trying.

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