Give Me Shelter

Scotch. Grog. Antiques. Warm Feelings.

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None 16 Photos Queen Mary and Band of Bohemia
We could see our first snowfall of the season this weekend.

Better round up some good company.

Better take cover.

Better drink some grog.

Better make for Queen Mary and/or Band of Bohemia. The first is a restored tavern, the second is a funky brewhouse, and they’re both open now in Wicker Park and Ravenswood, respectively.

Cue the categorical breakdown:

The Pedigree
QM (pictured left): It’s from the people behind Sportsman’s Club and Trenchermen.
BoB: It’s from some Alinea vets.
Edge: Everyone’s shrugging exasperatedly. Let’s just move on...

The Concept

QM: A cross between British maritime date place and classic Chicago watering hole.
BoB: They’re calling it a “culinary brewhouse.” You’re calling it “the place where they pair interesting beers like Orange Chicory Rye with interesting appetizers like bison tartare.”
Edge: You’re interested in interesting things.

The Space
QM: They (lightly) restored one of Division’s original seven taverns, which was previously untouched for 40 years.
BoB: An airy bohemian wonderland with antiques galore.
Edge: Um, look here.

The Drinks
QM: Hot tea punch, Navy-strength Old Fashioneds and grog.
BoB: Five wintry beers like Grilled Apple Tarragon, plus draft punch, plus a lapsang-souchong-infused-scotch drink.
Edge: You heard the part about the grog, right?

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