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A Casual Spot from the Quality Meats Guy

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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Whoever said a casual neighborhood date spot from the Quality Meats guy would pop up in the West Village this fall, good call.

Absolutely nailed it.

Maybe you should think about playing the lottery.

Anyway, it’s here, it’s open now in the West Village, and naturally it’s called Quality Eats.

It’s where you’ll find Bryan Schneider from Clover Club behind the bar, doing magical things with tequila and habanero-infused ice cubes and slinging Hemingway Spritzes filled with rum and prosecco.

It’s where you’ll find creamed spinach hush puppies fulfilling the hopes and dreams of all who come across them (no such thing as being overly dramatic when it comes to hush puppies).

And it’s here in this slideshow, where you’ll find all of its many other splendors.

Go. Look. We won’t spoil it.

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