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A Tiny Nook of Italian Excellence

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“Nolita eateries seem to be having a moment right now.”
—A thought of yours, in the not-far-off future.

“I don’t mind this particular moment. I don’t mind it at all.”
—The thought that’s likely to follow.

Commence daydreaming about Oficina 1000 Miglia, a rustic-looking nook of an Italian spot with extraordinary brunching potential, open now.

It’s the type of place that’ll come in handy when you have that particular headache that can only be cured with black-truffle-topped frittata and homemade fettuccine al burro. You know the one.

On days like that, grab your preferred brunching partner, saunter into this bright, airy spot and settle into that tufted-leather booth among the vintage-looking everything.

You might start with something hot, caffeinated and entirely satisfying. But if the strong Italian countryside vibe has you fiending for rosé, that’d be a good call, too. As would homemade pumpkin lasagna, ricotta gnocchi and baked eggs with truffle and pecorino fondue.

And come summer, you’ll be able to enjoy any of those dishes out on their so-very-brunch-appropriate sidewalk.

By summer, we mean that slightly warmer version of November 2015.

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