Par for the Horse

Riding High in Argentina and Turkey

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When taking some time off for vacation, always thoroughly weigh your options.

Option #1: Argentina.

Option #2: Turkey.

Option #3: Eschewing yourself of all adult responsibilities and doing both.

You knew there’d be an option #3.

First up, the 11-day trip Gaucho Christmas Argentina, a Christmas and New Year’s cowboy adventure, booking now.

Maybe you’ve become a little tired of American holiday traditions. You’d rather alternate your time with chores (rounding up steers, moving bulls) and non-chores (playing polo, learning to tango). Adios, St. Nick.

Oh, and it’ll mostly take place on a 10,000-acre estancia with 1,300 cattle, 140 horses and a few hundred sheep. See for yourself.

Then there’s the Ottoman-Style Horseback Archery and Cirit trip (pictured), taking place in both Istanbul and Eastern Turkey, also booking now.

It starts with a week or two in Istanbul for some Ottoman-style horseback archery lessons. Yes, you can dress up as a sipahi (an Ottoman horseman) if you want to keep it authentic. From there it’s off to Eastern Turkey to watch cirit, a game that’s basically extreme polo with acrobatics and stick throwing. Take a gander here.

You can arrange other excursions like visiting with one of the biggest private collectors of Ottoman art or touring the Princes’ Islands.

Presumably they’re islands full of princes.

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