The Inn at Newport Ranch

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Ocean Views and a Rooftop Hot Tub. And Beds.

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Maybe you need a weekend away.

Maybe you’re doing the whole “remote Thanksgiving” thing.

Maybe you’re just really into rooftop hot tubs.

We don’t know why you’re going, we just know you’re going...

To the Inn at Newport Ranch, a glorious estate up north with three bedrooms, five fireplaces, a mile and a half of coastline and 2,000 acres of land at your disposal. It’s taking reservations now, and here’s where you behold its majesty.

This is basically one big house in the middle of nowhere. But it’s one big house in the middle of nowhere with a rooftop hot tub, ATV trails and mountain ridgetops nearby. Which is a significant distinction.

You’ll stay in the Captain’s Quarters—the largest room, complete with panoramic views of the Pacific and one hell of a waterfall showerhead.

Every morning, the innkeepers will make you breakfast. Every afternoon, they’ll prepare you a wine-and-cheese spread. Every night, you’ll head up to the porch overlooking the ocean bluffs to contemplate your existence. You’ll realize that it’s a good existence.

And if you can’t get away right now, don’t worry. Next month, they’re opening the Redwood House, which will have a spa, a sauna and redwood tree trunks for structural columns.

Right. Redwood House.


The Inn at Newport Ranch
31502 N Highway 1
Fort Bragg, CA, 95437


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