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A Fat Bike Expedition to the South Pole

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We don’t usually advocate planning social media posts in advance, but just imagine this statement paired with a picture of you:

“That time I trekked to the South Pole on a fat bike.”



Start pedaling for the Last Degree, an 18-day trip and the first-ever group fat bike expedition to the South Pole, booking now for December 2016 with a mandatory training camp in February.

Choosing a bike to travel across Antarctica is like picking the crowbar in a video game weapon arsenal: maybe not the smartest choice, but it’ll make things more interesting. (As if riding from the 89th parallel to the most southerly point on earth wasn’t interesting.) See the snow-covered slideshow here.

But let’s back up. First you’re required to attend a fat bike (basically bikes with really fat tires) training camp at Lake Winnipeg. It involves “just” five days of you biking over a frozen lake. If you want to stop there and just do the camp as a stand-alone, that’s fine.

Otherwise, come next December, you’re putting that training to use by cycling about 70 miles from the 89°S latitude to the South Pole camp and research station.

No actual research required.

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