Back to the Future, SNL and a Hot Tub Car

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By Ilana Dadras ·
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World Class: Just this remake of the Jurassic World trailer that was thrown together for about 50 pounds. Is all.

Ch-Ch-Changes: ’90s alt-rock queen and Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson talks to Observer about how she’s changed, and how music’s changed, and how some things are... still exactly the same.

And Here’s to You: The president sat down with Pulitzer Prize–winning author Marilynne Robinson to just, well, have a chat. Read it if you please. Or listen to it over here.

This: Because this involves a hot tub car.

In SNL News: Colin Jost, the heir apparent to Seth Meyers, has (very quietly) stepped down as a head writer—a move that’ll presumably give him more time to focus on Weekend Update.

Past Is Prologue: As of today, everything from the Back to the Future series will be in the past. Really, this time.

Last Night Right Here: Trevor Noah addresses the controversy surrounding the Force Awakens trailer; Conan and Elijah Wood talk Back to the Future Part II.
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